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Do you have problems with harassing phone calls or frauds?

Do you have problems with harassing phone calls or frauds?

Several years ago cell phones have become a crucial part of our daily lives and most of us cannot imagine going out without their smartphones. Unfortunately, their popularity not only attracted ordinary users but also frauds. It seems to be that dishonest people use general mobile communication in nearly every single business industry, trade or service. Probably each of us at least once in their life came across companies which tried to sell us their products or services via phone call. The problem occurs when incoming calls are becoming more and more persistent and the permanent calling becomes more of an extremely insistent harassing. From the observer’s perspective it may not seem to be so dangerous but constant incoming phone calls can be insanely oppressive – especially if they do not stop during night hours or they keep on repeating several times a day.

Unfortunately in United Kingdom there is no official list of phone numbers, which could be considered as dangerous. That is why we have created this website – Unknown Number is dedicated for creating a list of telephone numbers of dishonest marketers, pollsters or just ordinary frauds. The website users may not only report dangerous telephone numbers that constantly harass them but also warn others against them. Another thing you can do on is browse already added numbers in order to check whether the owner of that particular number can be trusted. The list of telephone numbers, which will be built with the participation of users from the United Kingdom can decrease a frequency of frauds and continuing harassment via phone calls.

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