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Do you wonder who called you from an unknown number?

Do you wonder who called you from an unknown number?

Nearly each of us has experienced a situation, in which we did not manage to answer the incoming call in time. When we eventually check our unanswered call list and see the unknown numbers, the first and nearly unconditioned reflex is that we call them back. But as the practice shows, such a decision is very often a step that we will sooner or later regret. Why is that so? An excellent example of it is the issue of crooks, who already have well tested methods of fraud. Usually they call incidental people and cut off as fast as possible, so that they will call them back in good faith, trying to figure out who is trying to reach them. The bad news comes in the moment of receiving a telephone bill, which shows unbelievably high amount of money. And the question sounds: how could we protect ourselves from fraud attempts? The best way to protect ourselves is to remain alert and check the number before deciding to call back. Nevertheless, if we have already fallen victim to fraud or tormenting calls, it is worth sharing that information with other people. That way you can warn them and help them avoid similar problems.

The portal Unknown Number has been created in order to help others in terms of recognizing harassing and dangerous telephone numbers in United Kingdom. Lots of intrusive marketers are considered to be the main reason of such calls. They are trying to sell their products or services. Another case that is undoubtedly worth notifying are dangerous phone numbers. Answering and calling them back can cause a great risk of financial losses or another form of fraud. We encourage you take an active part in creating our website and share some information with others. The fact is that the more honest phone users will help us creating this phone number base, the bigger chance is to eliminate such harassing and tormenting crooks, whose aim is to tap us for money.

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