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Who is the owner of number: 01158710880

Who called me from number 0115 871 0880 / +44 01158710880 ?

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0115 is the area code of Nottingham

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Added 04/06/2018

Guest : Called me on the land line number say something about being a insurance company and wanted my bank account details WHY when asked to provide a letter to me saying what they do &want with me wouldn't now blocked the number.

Added 08/05/2018

Guest : They rang and knew my name but despite asking who was calling several times they were evasive about who they were and what they wanted, just inundated me with questions.

Added 01/05/2018

Guest : They been ringing on our landline from couple of days.dont know who is this .did not leave any message

Added 16/04/2018

Guest : 16:56: Nottingham-based number called my landline, did not leave a message on my answer phone. The number is now blocked.

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