Who is the owner of number: 01223603432

Who called me from number 01223 603432 / +44 01223603432 ?

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01223 is the area code of Cambridge

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Added 24/11/2017

Annabelle : No answer as I call, unless their line does not accept incoming calls. I see after comments that it's some insurance company. Interesting someone to think such a thing, and whether someone can be fooled.

Added 23/11/2017

Jude : Someone said something about a car accident and probably insurance, but I do not know exactly because a person, even do not know whether a man or woman, spoke very quietly and vaguely. It sounded a little disturbing, but they did not ring anymore.

Added 23/11/2017

Ava : I read comments on this issue, I agree that it is an insurance company, but for me it sounded honest and professional. They really offered me a great deal, but I drove into a zone with a weak reach and was no longer able to call back. Detriment.

Added 23/11/2017

Mia : I do not know, I did not know how to call, so I do not know what I mean, as I read the comments it probably was actually something about insurance, the accident may also ... I'm not 100% sure, quite strange.

Added 23/11/2017

Elliott : Probably an insurance company, they asked questions about an accident, but I did not have any. I think they wanted to offer me an insurance offer for a car. Very nice voice, probably female.

Added 22/11/2017

Hollie : Not worth getting, insurance company, but little known, I have never heard, reading the comments I come to the conclusion that it must be the pullers, because it was not a normal conversation. Request for a lot of personal data ...

Added 22/11/2017

Isla : The voice was like a robot, but I did not understand what was going on. I disconnected by accident after a few seconds and was no longer able to call back, because the caller did not answer. I found more information on this site and probably well that I broke up.

Added 21/11/2017

Sebastian : I received a second signal, but no one answered. I heard some strange sounds, it is difficult to describe them, anyway no one speaks, so probably not worth to receive, because you can only scare.

Added 21/11/2017

Liam : I think spam or some insecure insurance company. Consultant is not very professional, has a strange accent and voice, I have the impression that the questions are too inquisitive and private, I do not understand why someone such information.

Added 21/11/2017

Gabriel : I do not know what the company is calling me, but I do not need any insurance and I have enough questions about whether I had a car accident. In addition, I can not quite hear clearly, I do not know whether it is a matter of coverage or lack of professionalism ...

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