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Who is the owner of number: 01234919024

Who called me from number 01234 919024 / +44 01234919024 ?

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01234 is the area code of Bedford

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Added 11/08/2017

Shean : This caller is really annoying. Number 01234919024 is calling me twice everyday with no reason. Not sure what are his intentions, but that's probably a spammer.

Added 10/08/2017

Alan : 5 calls today hung up as soon as I answered.

Added 10/08/2017

Steve : Someone is calling us all the time from this phone - dead number.

Added 09/08/2017

Pablo : Dead call.

Added 09/08/2017

Adam : Someone from 01234919024 is calling us all the time, we don't know where to report it, but it's a marketing scam phone.

Added 08/08/2017

Hugo Mood : I think it is some kind of stupid joke or bot... Everytime I'm trying to answer this number the phone goes dead or I hear an echo! It will be great to block the number, but I can't find this option in Iphone settings... I received the call from 01234919024 at least 5 times today! Please don't answer when you see this number on the screen. The best way is to block the number right away.

Added 08/08/2017

Peter : The number goes dead every time I answer it, no one answers when I call it - blocking is the best option.

Added 08/08/2017

Grace : Asian sounding man. They call several times a day.

Added 08/08/2017

Brad : This number is calling me everyday repeatedly

Added 08/07/2017

Diana : Who is this?

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