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Who called me from number 01584 810815 / +44 01584810815 ?

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Learn more about number one billion five hundred eighty-four million eight hundred ten thousand eight hundred fifteen

01584 is the area code of Ludlow

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Added 20/04/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 20/04/2018

Guest : Repeated calls, foreign sounding voices telling me they are calling from BT and are going to cut off my internet within 24 hours. I told them to go ahead as we are not with BT and then hung up

Added 16/04/2018

Guest : They said they were from BT Openreach and were about to cut off my phone line. Sounded like it was a bad line from an offshore call centre and I gave them no information. I had to scream at them before they hung up...

Added 16/04/2018

Guest : SCAMMER. Will attempt to get control of your computer by telling you that they are about to remove your internet connection. Ignore this, tell them that you have to 'answer the front door' and leave them hanging. Replace phone after 10 minutes.

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