Who is the owner of number: 01635283606

Who called me from number 01635 283606 / +44 01635283606 ?

This number is marked as Harassing

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01635 is the area code of Newbury

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Added 27/11/2017

Agatha : I checked the comments on your portal. Now I know I can block this number.

Added 24/11/2017

Joey : Some guy, my question is from where I have my number, it means that from the contract, but obviously do not know what. I chased the clown, he deserved to be honest people. Very unpleasant phone, led me off balance. I blocked and all I do is the same.

Added 24/11/2017

Sebastian : I affirm harassment, insults are coming, as the guy does not know what to say. Of course I blocked this number and everyone suggested doing the same. Inform parents and friends. Someone knows where to report such things to punish those who harass?

Added 23/11/2017

Teddy : For me, it's an attempt to infiltrate personal information. They pretend to have to tell me about my insurance under the pretext of an accident, they just need my personal information and the name of the company where I am insured. How can they inform me about my insurance as they do not know where I am insured?

Added 23/11/2017

Adam : I got 2 calls. car insurance, typical call center

Added 23/11/2017

Jack : The male voice said that he was informed that I had a car accident. I asked where he got this information. I answered that from the 'Road Accident Bureau'. The consultant hung up before I could get more information on this.

Added 23/11/2017

Emma : Any company with insurance. They report that my auto insurance ends and this can be problematic in relation to the last accident in which I allegedly participated. When asked about the accident, you answer the question whether I have insurance. Another cheat on the market.

Added 23/11/2017

Bethany : Slug and gull. He wants to push insurance, some policy. Harassment, attempted phishing. She does not stop talking, even when she politely asks him to hang up. It puts a lot of strange, suspicious questions, so it's better not to receive. Why do you get stressed? I'm harassing.

Added 22/11/2017

Donald : Are you sure it's a car insurance number?

Added 22/11/2017

Camille : Hello dear! Who calls this number? I have 3 connections? Do I have to lock?

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