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Who is the owner of number: 01678300015

Who called me from number 016783 00015 / +44 01678300015 ?

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Added 17/04/2018

Guest : 16.21 Just had call saying he was from telephone preference management company want to know if numbers of nuisance calls had reduced then went on to say he want to verify data read out my address wanted yes or no to the information. refused to answer any personal data questions and stated it was a scam call and not to call again they hung up.

Added 17/04/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 17/04/2018

Guest : Caller from this number said they were from the Telphone Preferance Agency, hung up as didn’t believe this to be true, offshore with bad line and speech issues. Searching found many folk getting silent and other nuisance calls, so have blocked.

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