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Who is the owner of number: 01772367045

Who called me from number 01772 367045 / +44 01772367045 ?

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01772 is the area code of Preston

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Added 16/05/2018

Guest : a Jason called pertaining to be from ta Meter Registration Department of Business Energy! Called because he had been passed information that we had recently changed our Meter, supplier or landlord (all incorrect). Tried to get more information from us and when challenged that he was trying to sell us something and this was a scam call said he would send through the post and rang off!

Added 27/04/2018

Guest : scummed company wanted to register my electric meter reader with them.AVOID!!!

Added 19/03/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 15/03/2018

Guest : Said I was on an emergency energy rate and did I receive their letter....? Nope! Send it again mate - NOT. But it got him off the phone quickly.

Added 07/03/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 28/02/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 26/02/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 26/02/2018

Guest : She wanted to know if my business was home or business premises as no meters were registered to the business. Sounds dodgy to me!

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