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Who is the owner of number: 02080511038

Who called me from number 020 8051 1038 / +44 02080511038 ?

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020 is the area code of London

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Added 21/09/2018

Guest : 020 8159 3247

Added 20/07/2018

Guest : Phoned me a few times, sometimes silence and never speak, other times it’s a pre recorded message for a PPI/car accident claim. I just put it on loud speaker and don’t talk...eventually goes through to an actual human then I give them a piece of my mind!

Added 11/07/2018

Guest : Trying their luck, thought I had been in a car accident (which I haven't). Subsequently added this to the 'blocked' list on my phone.

Added 21/06/2018

Guest : A pre recorded message from John, about an accident i have never had.

Added 06/06/2018

Guest : recorded accident claim.

Added 04/05/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 04/05/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 03/05/2018

Guest : Who called?

Added 02/05/2018

Guest : Phoned with regards to discussing an accident I never had

Added 25/04/2018

Guest : Unknown

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