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Phone number 07518587755

StrikerONE58 : This number has called me 4 times in the last 2 days and has been immediately stopped by my DU Call Blocker.I am a seriously ill and disabled person in the middle of rehabilitation after spending the last 3 years in a bed. I desperately need my rest to help in my recovery but it's difficult to get when your phone keeps ringing. It's about time someone stopped these idiots from annoying people who use their own phones for legitimate reasons. I can't turn my phone off in case of emergencies, but in all honesty there are some days when I wish they'd never been invented!

Phone number 07518587755

bella : Keep getting this number calling saying i am in debt but never have been sounds like who can’t speak speak queens english then gets annoyed when you laugh at him told him to bugger off

Phone number 07518587755

Stranger : Who is this?

Phone number 07518587755

Gemma : Got called by this number this morning, saying they were a manger from citizens advice bureau & I’m in a lot of debt. I started laughing cos I’m in no debt and don’t even have a mortgage anymore, the man said why you laughing are you joking I replied no I’m not joking I don’t have any debts so he kindly told me to f**k off and put the phone down on me !!!

Phone number 07518587755

Dizzy : Keeps calling me

Phone number 07518587755

Popsy : Rings few times then when I answer goes dead then if I try ringing back the tone is dead ( no ringtone ) So annoying

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