Who is the owner of number: 07899845074

Who called me from number 078998 45074 / +44 07899845074 ?

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Added 20/01/2018

Guest : Nationwide bank? I don't think so. Scam caller.

Added 12/01/2018

Pepper : Accented male called asking for someone by name. Informed him politely that they had the wrong number. Caller asked "OK, what is your f***ing name? I asked for a manager. Was refused, unsurprisingly. Caller got nastier. I threatened the police and was told" call the f***ing army, I don't care you c**t". I hung up. We are TPS registered. Disgusting behaviour.

Added 11/01/2018

shah : they used very bad language

Added 09/01/2018

John : Please, ignore this number

Added 09/01/2018

Guest :

Added 04/01/2018

Jo : Called me then hung up, can't call it back as comes up with 'incorrect number'. Definitely a hoax caller!

Added 02/01/2018

Delila : Ignorant Asian male claiming to be from Nationwide - he refused to say what the call was about, but got arsey when I refused to answer his questions - number now BLOCKED

Added 15/12/2017

akra : Immediately hung up whwn answered

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