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Who called from number 087060 00699 ?

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Phone number 08706000699

DJ : Mondelēz International (Old name Cadbury's Chocolate) Phone Number normally they ring from this number to Cadbury's reatilers who are on incentive Scheme, not a cold caller.

Phone number 08706000699

Harper : The owner of this number is Mondelēz International.

Phone number 08706000699

Hugo : Very pleasant caller, I think he wanted to advertise some new business ventures, and the company name is MondelÄ“z International. Professionally, without tantalizing, but I don’t really need their services.

Phone number 08706000699

Sara : I received a phone call from MondelÄ“z International, very polite and pleasant caller, I don’t really remember his surname, but this number is ok, for sure. No need to block it.

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