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Who is the owner of number: 01916910370

Who called me from number 01916 910370 / +44 01916910370 ?

This number is marked as Unknown

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01916 is the area code of Tyneside

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Added 10/10/2017

Guest : Anybody know?

Added 11/08/2017

Pablo : Spammer - block this number, when You get angry he gets really rude. Avoid answering this phone.

Added 10/08/2017

Steve : Spamming number - best to block it. He woke my child yesterday while calling at night...

Added 09/08/2017

Spammer : The number 01916910370 is some kind of spammer.

Added 08/08/2017

Garfield : Such a bothering spamming number - Utilita energy.

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