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Phone number 07593421906

Stranger : Received a call from this number sounds like a T.V. in the background and someone was talking nonsense down the phone until I ended the call

Phone number 02070167345

Steph : This is definitely a bogus number because they telephoned my mobile phone and I didn't answer because it's an unknown number. I suspected there was something wrong with it because they didn't leave a voicemail. I call them back from my landline withholding my number twice. On both occasions it went straight to a continuous beep. In other words they block calls from people who withhold their number. I looked at other references to this number and its people selling bogus things or asking you if you had an accident. So I would definitely not pick up the phone if you get a call from this number. Another scammer. avoid. and block..

Phone number 79397613826

stranger : Tried to video call! Very strange

Phone number 02070499036


Phone number 02070640443

Jimbo : Had a missed call from this number. Does anyone know if it is a legit company/number or scam. ?????? Cheers

Phone number 08450947890

JM : received a call from 0845 0947890, did not answer, so was called again 2 secs later from 'Unknown' number.

Phone number 07597458608

Car dealer - Gtr Manchester : Very rude, abrupt, pushy car dealer from Greater Manchester, who phones you up in response to an advert you have placed on Autotrader, eBay etc. Has FAR too much interest in your personal situation, financial situation etc, and tries to 'low-ball' you with a silly offer for your car. Also tries to get you to deliver it hundreds of miles away to him in Gtr Manchester with the promise of cash waiting.... I don't think so pal! 100% chancer. Doesn't take 'No' for an answer and keeps harassing you will repeated calls.

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