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Phone number 01245360700

John : It's a scammer selling crap electric garage doors. Go out of business after a few months so no come back. Set up a new outfit in same premises on this same number. Done it 4 or 5 times in the past. Still advertising under all sorts of names but all have this number. Please beware. It is all a big con and will cost you.

Phone number 54723987587

Bobby : I don't know this phone number

Phone number 01268550469

Stranger : This number calls you then hangs up straight away....

Phone number 02087341190

Me : Said I'd claimed from someone or other and they wanted a few extra personal details so they could proceed with the claim, I haven't claimed for anything?!

Phone number 08442479690

Sammi : Who is this?

Phone number 08700852929

Blackburn Silverblades Ice Skating Arena : This is a legitimate number although it's 'non-geographic' and therefore costly to ring from your mobile. I had to ring it to book my kid's party there cos website was playing up, all in all from having to use it to book, being left on 'hold', and in having to recontact them back to ensure that all children's requirements and details were correct, it has cost me just under £20. Scandalous and day light robbery when a kids' party costs enough as it is. Very disappointed when I have just checked my mobile billling account details, party cost enough as it did

Phone number 08456048045

Karen : Not sure who this number is

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