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Unknown number? Who called me?

Unknown number? Who called me?

We create our portal to extend a community of people sharing information about different phone numbers. At our portal we present and aggregate the data of telemarketing companies, on-line sales, call centers from various industries, banks, insurance companies, factories, offices, shopping centers and companies, foreign embassies and help lines.

How often do you ask yourself "who called me"? Over than 700 million telephone calls are made every day in the United Kingdom. We do not like to be disturbed by unwanted and harassing phone calls. It is not easy to protect against them. The companies providing telemarketing services have often professional communication facilities, a huge database of various phone numbers numerous telephone numbers, advanced telephone exchange as well as they are supported by thousands of telemarketers. These people are perfectly prepared to work in this environment and they know effective sales techniques. Call spoofing is a very popular type of fraud.

Our portal provides proven information about phone numbers registered in Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Do you have a problem with an unknown phone number and you are not able to verify it? Do not worry and check the number at our portal! If you completely do not know who called you, please add such a phone number to our database. Our community members can help you to discover the identity of the unknown caller. You can trust us! We are a non profit organization. Join us and help other users!

Functionality of our webservice: 

- Check the list of all phone numbers from United Kingdom

- Add a phone number to database

- Add a comment about significant telephone number or sms number

- Find an unknown phone number

- Check informations at our blog and explore our network ranking

The users of our portal are people who are looking for significant phone number or who have proven information about phone number owner.  Our portal is used by individuals, employees of medium and large companies as well as big corporations. Everybody can find here an information and add a new phone number to our database. You can also comment existing phone numbers by adding your own reviews.

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